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Bringing more smiles to the world through the power of computer graphics.

What we can do may be small, but we want to help make a difference.

No matter how small it may be, it can still be a catalyst for change.



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In order to share the smiles with you, we spread our wings and face the waves every day.


For example, everyone is staying in a waiting room for a long time where irritating air surrounds you... Suddenly, the atmosphere becomes relaxed, and the waiting time feels less painful. We want to provide “entertainment” to places where there is little room for relax.


For example, there are children who cannot go outside often for various reasons. They may have seen videos and pictures of giraffes, with their long necks and tall height, but  have never seen them in person. They may know that cheetahs are fast, but have never seen how fast they actually are. We want to create an “experience” that has a more realistic feeling.


For example, when you are faced with a problem and you are in trouble, you need something to help you solve it. We will discuss such “entertainment” and "experiences", think about them with you and "shape these imaginations into reality".


To bring the knowledge, experience and skills developed over many years of creating CG images for entertainment, such as live performances, events, TV commercials and films, to bear in areas where there have been few entertainment elements up to now.

We want to bring smiles, excitement and harmony to as many places as possible through problem solving.

We aim to provide such steady and gentle entertainment.


What we can do may be small, but we want to help make a difference. No matter how small it may be, it can still be a catalyst for change.



president / CGI generalist / artist  

Akinori Ueno

Born in Hyogo Prefecture Graduated from Kobe Design University
After working in the advertising department of Shiseido Co., Ltd., he gained experience at a CG production company in Tokyo and became independent in Kyoto.
Prefers asymmetrical, matte, and low-saturation colors. We plan and produce CG and videos, paying close attention to the atmosphere, pauses, and other parts that are difficult to see, as well as sensuous rhythms.

digital artist  

Katsutaka Ohmachi

Born in Kyoto Prefecture

He specializes in creating animations that take advantage of the characteristics of each character. Currently searching for simple and beautiful CG expressions that emphasize the atmosphere of the images.

artist/designer Miki

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts

After studying painting and printmaking at an art university,Works as a graphic designer at a design company. After that, he started his own creative activities. Involved in establishing chidori graph Co.Ltd. with Akinori Ueno.

Inspired by nature, he strives to create works that capture the feelings of his clients while paying particular attention to the sense of dynamism and color.




chidori graph co. ltd.

Company Profile

established April.​2016

president  Akinori Ueno


212-2, Owari-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi,604-0934,Japan,

Business content

CG/video production, planning and production of spatial exhibits, exhibition/event planning and production, visual art/interior planning and production


tel: +81-(0)75-746-3838

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