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Art unit by Akinori Ueno and Miki of chidori graph

An art unit consisting of Akinori Ueno, a CG artist who is active in commercials, 3D mapping, and event videos, and Miki, an artist who focuses on painting.

Two people with different methods and qualities such as computer graphics and painting, design and art, hidden and positive, still and dynamic,

Motifs are selected from various phenomena, scenery, myths, etc. encountered in daily life,

By creating works from each perspective and sensibility and ultimately merging them into a single work, we aim to create multi-perspective expressions that would be impossible for each individual to achieve individually.

The work won The University of Gloucestershire Award at the UK art competition "The Open West 2013"

His style is poetic and is said to expand the viewer's imagination.


2013  The University of Gloucestershire Award, the open west 2013 



2017 “rain makes me feel good” @Bar Tsukuyomi, Kyoto, Japan

2014  Akinori UENO Miki Exhibition “eco echo ego”@GALERIE H2O,Kyoto,Japan 

2013  Akinori UENO Miki Exhibition "thought × layer"  @GALERIE H2O,Kyoto,Japan 


Group exhibition

"the open west 2013" @Newark Park, Cheltenham Art Gallery + Museum,UK

Collaboration event

2020 ““Sound Fragments” and “Moving Paintings” Exhibition” @KINSE INN, Kyoto, Japan

The exhibition of "Pieces of Sound" and "Moving paintings"

15th.02.2020 - 16th.02.2020 KINSE INN in kyoto, JP
Paintings and movies were created by Akinori UENO Miki
movie : akinori uenopainting : miki

All tracks were produced by coconoe.
lyrics : takayama naoko

Tsuki Waiting Moon Joyful Rain “rain makes me feel good” 2017

at Bar Tsukuyomi

CGI Movie: Akinori Ueno, Painting: MIKI

“Blooming in the Dark” 2016

Furoshiki folding screen (wooden), giclee, silk screen, Japanese paper, CG image
Giclee print, Silkscreen, Japanese paper, Wooden frame 2pcs : 69.7cm X 92.4cm

CGImovie X 3: 6min 15sec(loop),movie(Full CG animation)

CGI Movie: Akinori Ueno, Painting: MIKI

"eco echo ego" 2014


Painting 2pcs(116.7cm x 116.7cm, 80.3cm x 116.7cm)

: Pigments, Japanese paper, Wood panel

Movie 357cm X 218cm : 5min 34sec(loop),Full CG animation


Painting(182 X 26.7cm) + CGI movie : Composite laminated plywood, Tracing paper, Water-based pen, Pigment ink pen, CGI movie(Full CG animation)

CGI Movie: Akinori Ueno, Painting: MIKI, Composer: Isao Yamazaki

Thought x layer "thought x layer" 2013

award : the open west 2013 UK(The University of Gloucestershire Award)

painting x 2(80.3cm x 116.7cm)movie 358cm x 218cm : 4min 58sec loop

CGI movie: Akinori UENO, painting: MIKI, piano: Tadashi SUENAGA

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