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Lean Plum Blossom Festival 11th Anniversary Thanksgiving


Category:space direction/visual art/video/3D mapping on painting/paper sculpture

Production year: 2019

Content: Video planning/direction, CG, animation, objects, blackboard art, art production

Staff: Akinori Ueno, Megumi Oyagi, Miki

To commemorate the 11th anniversary of the opening of Dining+Cafe&Ba Un, we have planned an anniversary event titled ``Un's Plum Blossom Festival'', a nod to the Plum Blossom Festival at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, and created a space with images and works of plum blossoms in full bloom that give you the feeling of spring. Ta.

We created video effects in two locations on the first floor (projection on the blackboard art and projection of the object picture) and one location on the second floor (wall and ceiling).

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