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Kyoto Experiment 2018 Fringe

Open entry work “Yosudokoro” digest video


Category:space direction/visual art/video/3D mapping on painting

Production year: 2018

Content: Video planning/direction, CG, animation, painting, art production

Staff: Akinori Ueno, Megumi Oyagi, Miki

A performance show of dance, Kyogen, and storytelling held in each room of a Kyoto townhouse.

​We at chidori graph also participated in the visual art with videos and paintings and directed the stage space.

The videos and paintings were created by taking into account the movements of the performers in accordance with the story of the mysterious hagoromo that is the center of the story. We also used a 3D printer to create glowing balls to create the mysterious plumage, adding accents to the stage.

Dance: teDurumOduru Tezurumo Crane, Kyogen: Zenkyu Kawada, Storyteller: Kuukado Manchano

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